Before appying for admission?

For now, you can apply for admission into GoUni with any U.T.M.E score
You can pay using you debit card (Visa, Verve or Mastercard), Account number or bank over-the-counter payment. Just generate an invoice by clicking "prospective student >> Generate Invoice" and then proceed with making payment with which ever option you prefer.
The application form cost is NGN 7,000 (Seven thousand Naira)
After making payment (of NGN 7,000) for the admission, you will be directed automatically online to the page where you can fill the admission form

After applying for admission?

You can use your U.T.M.E number which you used during admission application to check your admission status by clicking at " check admission status" under prospective student menu
We advise prospective students to always wait to get their admission decision and proceed with applying for accommodation if the decision is positive

Campus Life?

No, GoUni is God's own University and have long history of graduating God's fearing graduates with strong moral principles
Students of GoUni have a good social life to complement studies. There are lots of social groups and activities new students can join and attend depending on individual's need. Also we proud ourselves as having one of the best campus radio stations 'GoUni Radio', in Nigeria


After your admission, you can easily switch after your first year of studies if you meet all the requirements stated by the school exams department Read Here!
Yes you enroll for related courses from other departments
Yes, you can enroll for such courses, there are normally listed in the course Portal at the beginning of every semester.

Do you have more questions?
Kindly contact us through our contact form.Feel free to also call or send us mail.